Apple to release budget iPhone alongside iPhone 6?

Company to tackle budget Android market with low price iPhone

With Apple iPhone 6 rumours already flying around and the news that Apple could be releasing an iPad Mini 2 the rumour of a budget iPhone doesn't seem that far-fetched

Apple will reportedly be launching a budget iPhone which will revert back to the plastic chassis found on the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. The rumour also suggests that the parts will be US made instead of being produced in China.

DigiTimes reports that sources within the upstream supply chain have confirmed that Apple is in the process of sourcing the plastic parts needed for a budget iPhone including a chassis.

Other rumours have suggested that the budget iPhone would also feature a design which merges both the plastic chassis with a metal design creating a hybrid between the two.

With the iPhone 6 reportedly boasting a range of new colours and quite possibly a new larger screen Apple could be looking to take on Android across all the price ranges.

While these are just rumours it would certainly fit in with reports that Apple will be launching an iPad Mini with Retina display creating a range of smartphones and tablets that would cover both the budget and premium markets.

Source: DigiTimes