Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees after UK court ruling

Apple's efforts to follow court order described as 'lackadaisical'

Apple is most definitely on the 'naughty step' with the UK courts after a ruling found that their efforts to publish statements has been described as 'lackadaisical at best'

Apple has been ordered to pay Samsung's court fees after a ruling by Sir Robin Jacob found that the company had been 'misleading' and 'lackadaisical' in its efforts to publish statements saying Samsung didn't copy the iPad.

In a fairly damming judgement of Apple's behaviour Sir Robin outlines that the company did not comply with the order given and instead added a 'fog' of confusion over whether Samsung had been cleared or not.

Sir Robin noted that, "Apple's compliance with the newspaper advertisement order was lackadaisical at best."

Moving on to the online statement Apple was forced to post Sir Robin was equally as unimpressed saying, "I do not consider it was open to Apple to add matter in the middle of the notice we ordered to be published. A notice with such matter is simply not the notice ordered."

The case in question saw Apple accuse Samsung of infringing the design rights owned by Apple after the company accused Samsung of copying the iPad with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.