Apple to be sued by South Korean iPhone users

27,000 cases brought forward worth £15.2 million.

First Apple has its ban overturned about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and now they're facing a lawsuit from South Korea, all in a days work?

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit from South Korean law firm Mirae Law after the firm was successful in an initial claim that Apple was illegally holding location data from iPhone's in the country.

Earlier this year Kim Hyung-souk was payed around £500 by Apple after he was able to prove that what they were doing was illegal. With the case being a success his lawfirm will now be moving forward with the class action involving around 27,000 South Koreans all asking for the same amount, totalling £15.2 million.

Apple has as yet refused to comment, and have, after the initial court case, encrypted all their location data and assured users they won't be storing it without security measures in place.

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