Apple disables push email for iCloud and MobileMe in Germany

Apple respects courts ruling

With push email for iCloud and MobileMe users now disabled Apple will surely be looking to resolve the current dispute as quickly as possible

Apple has disabled push email for both iCloud and MobileMe customers in Germany in response to an earlier iCloud ban by the German courts.

By disabling the service in Germany Apple is taking a precautionary measure against an ongoing patent dispute with Motorola which led to the courts declaring certain aspects of iCloud were an infringement on Motorola's patents.

The dispute has essentially been based around a particular patent pertaining to how a device synchronises, a patent which Motorola happens to own.

Apple claims Motorola has repeatedly refused 'to license this patent to Apple on reasonable terms, despite having declared it an industry standard patent seven years ago.'

While this is just a precautionary measure it could result in being a permanent change if Apple is unable to appeal against the courts decision.

Source: Apple