Apple three years ahead of Android in the tablet market

New study suggests Apple will maintain a dominant share of the tablet market until 2015

Ahead of tomorrow's new iPad release date, a study has suggested Apple will control the tablet scene until Android rises to power in 2015

Despite a recent influx in numbers and now widespread availability, just hours ahead of the new iPad UK release date new reports have suggested Android tablets are three years behind the Apple branded tablet.

Having dominated the tablet market since the launch on the original iPad back in 2010, Apple has seen its share of the oversized portable device sector dramatically reduced over the past 18 months as a number of new Android tablets are introduced to the market.

Whilst still holding a vastly controlling stake, a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) has suggested that by 2015 Android tablets will outnumber their iOS brimmed counterpart.

“As the sole vendor shipping iOS products, Apple will remain dominant in terms of worldwide vendor unit shipments," said Tom Mainelli, a research director at IDC. "However, the sheer number of vendors shipping low-priced, Android-based tablets means that Google's OS will overtake Apple's in terms of worldwide market share by 2015.”

Thanks to company’s strong platform and comprehensive digital app, music and entertainment stores, Mainelli added of Apple: “We expect iOS to remain the revenue market share leader through the end of our 2016 forecast period and beyond.”

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Via: GeekyGadgets