Apple summoned to explain high prices in Australia

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft products cost up to 75 per cent more in AUS

While products like the iPhone 5 and MacBook Air do come at a premium it appears as though those in Australia have been shelling out that little bit extra for their tech

An Australian MP has called on Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to attend a meeting to explain why their products cost up to 75 per cent more in Australia than any other country.

The move comes after it was revealed that even after the currency exchange was taken into account, some of Apple's products were costing 15 per cent more than in America.

According to the Australian government Adobe is the worst offender with some of their products costing a scary 75 per cent more than the US versions leaving customers in Oz feeling more than a little out of pocket.

This isn't the first time the Australian government has asked Apple to explain its prices after a representative was asked to come and explain the prices back in July 2012. It was however a no show and so the government has gone on the offensive.

That said if you were living in the UK and wanted to buy the iPhone 5 64GB it'd actually be cheaper in Australia than in the UK with the high-end smartphone costing £655 in Australia and even less at £542 in the US.

Source: Parliament of Australia