Apple Stores stop UK staff holiday ahead of iPhone 5 release

Apple staff refused holiday during the opening weeks of October as attention turns to the iPhone 5

As attention turns to the imminent iPhone 5 release date Apple Stores in the UK have stopped staff taking holiday during the opening weeks of October all but confirming the handset's arrival

Apple Stores in the UK have told staff they are not to take any holiday in the opening two weeks of October adding further speculation to an imminent iPhone 5 release date.

Adding to a comprehensive list of iPhone 5 rumours, Apple has reportedly told staff that the early part of October is now a holiday blackout period with those who have already booked time off having to cancel their plans in order to work what is expected to be a busy iPhone 5 release period.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours: The full story

Numerous sources have confirmed over the past week that Apple is to officially announce the iPhone 5 release date at a product unveiling on October 4th. Whilst everything is far from confirmed it is believed the iPhone 5 will feature the same A5 dual-core processor as the current iPad 2 with a slimmer form factor landing alongside increased RAM and an improved 8-megapixel snapper.

Apple has yet to officially confirm these claims, or indeed when its much mooted next-generation smartphone will touch down. T3 has contacted Apple directly for conformation of these reports; stay tuned for the company’s official response.

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Via: TechRadar