Apple store goes down for 'updating'

Update: False alarm as routine maintenance is carried out

With rumour circling that Apple is launching a new iPad Mini along with an updated version of the MacBook Air it's anyones guess as to what Apple will be updating

Update: False alarm folks, turns out Apple was just carrying out routine maintenance, to stay up to date with all of Apple's rumoured products check out our iPhone 6 rumours piece or the link below.

The Apple Store has gone down online with a message saying that they are 'busy updating' it. It's not yet known whether this is to add a new product or simply update a current one.

There had been rumour circling that Apple would be launching an updated MacBook Air with Retina Display however it's more than likely that the company would announce this at a launch event.

With the iPad Mini 2 rumoured to be making an appearance soon it does also seem unlikely that Apple would launch such a product without its own launch.

This wouldn't be the first time Apple quietly launched a new product however after it updated the Apple store with the iPad 128GB with Retina Display.