Apple store employees not allowed to say 'unfortunately'

Secrets of the Apple store mantra have been revealed

Apple store tech support employees are reportedly forbidden from using negative words such as unfortunately while in the presence of customers…

The philosophy of the Apple Store has been detailed by the Wall Street Journal with employees of the Apple retail experience reportedly forbidden from using the word ‘unfortunately’ whilst dealing with customers.

Having acquired a 2007 training manual for the Apple Store and spoken to previous employees, the WSJ report revealed that due to the potential negative connotations of the word, employees working on Apple’s tech support Genius Bars are not allowed to use the word ‘unfortunately’ whilst in the presence of customers.

Known for their almost cult like followings Apple’s retail stores have proved hugely successful since the opening of the first outlet more than 10 years ago with the employee handbook revealing the staff’s role “is to understand all of your customers’ needs – some of which they may not even realise they have.”

With the term ‘unfortunately’ off limits, Apple Store employees are instead encouraged to use phrases such as ‘as it turns out’ whilst correcting customers who mispronounce products is forbidden in case they feel like they are being patronised.

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Via: WSJ | Via: TechRadar