Apple Store 2.0 revealed with interactive iPad 2 signage

Apple celebrates 10th retail anniversary with new look

iPads take centre stage at revamped stores.

Apple has celebrated the tenth anniversary of its first retail store by giving its shops a fresh new look, putting the iPad front and centre when it comes to getting info on, and buying, any Cupertino-conceived product.

Instead of regular paper signs explaining what any given Apple product does, an iPad is now bolted to the table, loaded up with details, specs and explanations. Punters can swipe through reams of info and even use a dedicated call button to attract the attention of a member of staff.

Other areas of the Apple retail service that have come in for a revamp include the Personal Setup service with all iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac purchases now coming with a free personalised setup allowing users to leave the store with their device up and running.

Sadly, the anniversary didn’t bring any of the much-mooted price cuts or major new launches which had been rumoured. But at least this way there are more chances for those without an iPad to go and fondle one for a good reason.

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Via: 9to5mac