Apple shares hit record high following iBooks 2 unveiling

Apple tops $400 billion valuation with each share of the iPad maker priced at $431

In the wake of Apple's 'education announcement' share prices for the iPhone and iPad maker have hit new highs with the company valued at $400bn

Following the official unveiling of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author yesterday Apple has seen its stocks hit record highs with a single share in the Cupertino based company valued at $431 (£278).

Having outed its education plans of introducing iBook Textbooks to capitalise on the student market and further push sales of Mac, iPhone and iPad hardware the company responsible for iTunes and the iPod saw share prices rocket with the company briefly valued at a staggering $400 billion (£258 billion).

Closing the day valued at $398 billion with a record share price of $431 apiece Apple failed to surpass Exxon to once again become the world’s most valuable company. Exxon is valued at $417 billion.

Apple iBooks 2

Officially unveiled in New York City yesterday as part of Apple’s ‘education announcement’ iBooks 2 feature huge improvements over its original generation sibling with the introduction of digital textbooks to see publications include playable movies, galleries of images and even interactive tests at the end of each chapter.

Designed to enhance users’ educational experiences the new Textbooks are fully interactive with glossaries that can be accessed by simply tapping a word you don't understand.

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Via: 9to5Mac