Apple shares hit record high follow strong iPhone 4S sales

iPhone 4S success sees Apple stocks hit new $426.70 per share landmark

Four million iPhone 4S sales in just three days sees Apple stock prices hit a new $426.70 high as the dual-core Siri touting, iPhone 4 design hosting handset sets a new benchmark

Apple has seen its stock prices rise to an all-time high after the Cupertino based company revealed some four million iPhone 4S handsets were sold in the first three days the device was available to the public.

Despite initial concerns the iPhone 4S would not sell well due to its lack of an innovative new design, more than one million of the dual-core handsets were pre-ordered in the opening 24 hours with eager fans queuing outside Apple stores across the seven launch nations to be the first to snap up the device.

Topping off at $426.70 per share, Apple’s stock price hit new heights yesterday, up $4.70 from the iPhone 4S release date last Friday, October 14th. Earlier this year Apple briefly overtook Exxon Mobil to become the world’s most valuable company.

Apple iPhone 4S Specs

Whilst the Apple iPhone 4S retains the slim line, glass backed form factor of its predecessor the iPhone 4, on the inside the latest pocket blower to come from Cupertino is a whole new monster.

Adding the same ARM A5 dual-core processor found within the iPad 2 Apple has upped the handset’s speed and ability to handle multiple tasks whilst a new 8-megapixel camera with improved optics features alongside 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities.

The other big new inclusion of note is the handset’s voice activated personal assistant Siri, a quirky and responsive system that is able to schedule meetings, search the web for desired information and dictate messages.

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Via: TechRadar