Apple recalls faulty Time Capsules

Issues with back-up drive force Cupertino's hand

Failures on 18 month-old devices so rife that Apple wants your Time Machine back.

If you’re rocking an Apple Time Machine, the router and back-up disk released a couple of years back, you may have been noticing some problems with the little blighter.

Turns out a vast array of complaints have surfaced regarding the disk. Word is models released between February and April 2008 are simply failing to turn on or just shutting down mid-task.

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The issue is so bad that Apple has been forced to recall devices sold during this period. If you’ve got a Time Capsule and its serial number falls between XX807XXXXXX - XX814XXXXXX, then you need to mosey down to your nearest Apple Store sharpish. Alternatively, you can call Apple and ask them for the best course of action.

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