Apple patent reveals DVR incorporating TV plans

Heavily rumoured Apple iTV release given new weight as outed patent shows DVR plans

New Apple ITV rumours have offered a potential insight into the Apple iTV specs with a newly unveiled Apple patent showing plans to incorporate a DVR

Rumours continue to flow around the potential unveiling of an Apple iTV device with a newly outed patent filing from the Cupertino company revealing its plans to introduce digital video recorder abilities to a cabled TV service.

The patent, which was filed back in 2006 and details Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs as its inventor is believed to have been originally intended for the company’s current Apple TV service with the much rumoured Apple iTV now tipped as a likely recipient.

The patent describes the TV DVR features as “A computer-implemented method, comprising: receiving episodic content including one or more episodes of television programs and storing the episodic content in a data store.”

Apple iTV Rumours

Repeatedly tipped to follow-on from the current internet connected Apple TV content streamer the Apple iTV setup is expected to mark Apple’s first foray into launching a full television set with integrated content platform.

Whilst some Apple iTV rumours have seen the mooted devices tipped to land with 42-inch screen sizes and up others have suggested that an Apple iTV release date has been pencilled in for pre-Christmas 2012.

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Via: 9to5Mac