Apple OS X 10.7 Lion set for iOS-style revamp

New scroll bars and Quick Look features for refreshed OS

OS X primed for overhaul at "Back to the Mac" event.

Tonight’s “Back to the Mac” event is expected to play host to the latest version of OS X, 10.7, known also as Lion. And rumours suggests some of iOS’s skills will be making the move to the dull-on desktop operating system.

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Word from ‘a reliable source familiar with the matter’, who spoke with MacStories, suggests that the “elastic band” scroll bar function from Apple’s mobile OS will be translated to OS X, with the current blue version seen at the side of your screen being scrapped.

It also seems that “pull-to-refresh” is heading to OS X too, meaning when you yank your cursor down at the top of a scroll bar, the page will automatically refresh. Quick Look is also being brought to Spotlight, which means you’ll get a proper idea of what you’re about to open, rather than simply taking a stab in the dark.

OS X Lion is expected to be fully detailed at tonight’s Apple bash, which starts at 6pm UK time. Stay tuned here and keep and an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest as it happens.

Via MacStories