Apple Mac App store to open on December 13th?

December 9th event will lead to the Mac app invasion

Insider reveals possible launch date for new software service

The Mac App store, as unveiled by Apple at its ‘Back to the Mac’ event, is just about ready to go, with rumours this morning hinting at a December 13th Launch. According to an insider, Apple were planning on launching the store today, but haven’t managed to process as many apps as they’d like.

That said, Apple had initially pencilled in the launch of the App store for 90 following the initial announcement - which would put it somewhere in January – so things are very much ahead of schedule.

The company is set to hold a conference on Thursday 9th, which many believe will be the announcement of iOS 4.3. Could Apple also reveal the Mac App store launch date?

The Store will be a portal to a world of developer apps and programs, as well as proprietary software such as iWork and iLife. It’ll download to the Mac dock and take payment for individual bits of software (which will then download) via your iTunes account.

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