Apple loses iPhone trademark ruling in Brazil

Tech giant has appealed for exclusivity over iPhone name

Apple will be fighting tooth and nail to make sure the Apple iPhone remains the only iPhone you can buy in Brazil after a court has ruled against their claim to exclusivity

A Brazilian court has ruled against Apple stating that it does not have exclusive rights to the name iPhone instead ruling in favour of an Android smartphone maker Gradiente Electronica which makes a smartphone called the iphone.

The ruling was in favour of Gradiente Electronica on the basis that the local company had registered the name iphone six years before Apple did with their iPhone.

Initially this won't have any impact on consumers with Apple still able to sell the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S however the situation could become more complicated if Gradiente Electronica then sued for exclusivity of the brand ultimately resulting in Apple having to change the name of their smartphone.

Apple is unsurprisingly appealing the ruling claiming that the Brazilian company hasn't actually used the name in five years which would then suggest that the trademark has technically expired.

The Californian company will no doubt be hoping to have this tied up as soon as possible in anticipation for the iPhone 6 which is rumoured to be arriving sometime later this year.

With Apple also working on what is being called the "iWatch" the company could be facing even more legal battles as it fights for exclusivity over a name which will almost certainly be contested.

The real speculation over naming has been focused on Apple's much rumoured Apple TV or iTV which the company is supposedly working on with an estimated release date of much later this year.

Source: BBC