Apple loses claim to iPad name in China

Could see nationwide ban of tablet

It would appear as though Apple have landed themselves on the wrong side of Chinese law in a situation that could see the iPad 2 being banned from China

Apple have lost a battle to trademark the name iPad in China, a loss that could see the company either having to payout over a billion dollars to the company that does hold the trademark, changing the name of the iPad 2 in China or stop selling the product altogether.

The battle started when Apple tried to buy the trademark for iPad in the country however this was overturned after it was found that the name was already owned by a company called ProView Technology.

Since then ProView have disputed Apple's right to sell the product in China, Apple then sued ProView and has lost that battle leaving Apple where it is today. It's almost certain that Apple will appeal the decision however with the law having already sided with ProView it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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Source: Engadget