Apple iBooks Author update gives ownership back to writer

Apple changes EULA to say it has rights over .ibooks, not content

In a frankly unheard of turnaround Apple has tweaked the EULA on iBooks Author with an update which will see would be writers flock back to the app

Apple's iBooks Author app for Mac has received an update to the EULA which changes the rights Apple has over a .ibooks file made using the app.

The update now means that if someone wants to publish their work via the iBooks Store Apple only has rights to the .ibooks file and not the content found within it.

Before the update if a person wanted to publish a book through iBooks Author, Apple had exclusive rights to the .ibooks file and the copy within it, effectively taking complete control of the authors work.

Unsurprisingly when it was discovered this caused some upset as it would effectively block out any chance of publishing work on both the iBooks Store and also through Amazon's Kindle Store.

The iBooks Author app was announced a few weeks ago in collaberation with their new iBooks 2.0, an upgraded version of iBooks for iPad which lets you download interactive textbooks and books.

Source: TUAW