Apple launches iTunes U app for iPad

Dedicated study app that collects all the iTunes U content

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Alongside their announcement to launch iBooks 2 Apple have also had a go at revamping how lecturers interact with their students in an effort to make it easier

Apple today launched alongside their new iBooks 2, unveiled a iTunes U app for iPad, an educational app which allows you to subscribe to courses available in their library and then receive updates, course notes, video lectures and messages from the lecturer.

Designed to make it easier for students and lecturers to interact with each other, the iTunes U app is a central hub for students who's course has been created through iTunes U.

Once found the course is then subscribed too, opening up a virtual folder showing office hours of your lecturer, all the course notes so far and also a range of other study materials that the lecturer may have posted which can include iBooks 2 Textbooks, Movies and podcasts.

The only requirement for the app is that your course uses iTunes U, however the Open University has signed up to the new app as well so there are a range of free courses which can be downloaded and then followed with recommendations for how much time should be commited to study.

Available now in the iTunes App Store, the iTunes U app is free and works on iPad and iPad 2. Have you had a chance to try it out? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...