Apple kills popular Kickstarter-funded POP charger

Creator calls Apple a 'bunch of a**holes'

Apple has rejected an application to license its Lightning charging technology for a popular Kickstarter-funded project

A Kickstarter-funded mobile charging solution for smartphones and tablets has been abandoned after Apple refused to license the technology behind its Lightning charging cable.

The POP (or Portable Power) mobile multi-charger raised almost $140,000 through the crowd-sourcing site, which was double what it required to meet the funding goal.

However, the creators Edison Junior have decided to ditch the project and refund all donations after the Cupertino-based company refused to play ball. Apple's decision was motivated by its unwillingness to include the Lightning tech alongside any other charger, including its old 30-pin solution. Naturally, the brains behind the operation is none-too-pleased.

CEO Jamie Siminoff told Venture Beat that the refunds will cost his company $11,000 in Kickstarter charges and credit card fees: "We are p****d. I think they are being a bunch of a**holes, and I think they're hurting they're customers.

Edison Junior could have proceeded without Apple's support and just catered to the existing 30-pin and micro USB tech, but has decided against it.

"We would have loved to have made the product. At the same time I feel like we're making the correct decision… I'm not willing to compromise on the product," Siminoff added.

The Lightning technology was introduced with the iPhone 5 and also works with the new iPad mini and the new iPod touch and iPod nano.

Via: PC Pro