Apple jailbreak fix ready after security flaws

"Upcoming software update" aims to stem new wave of negative headlines

Fix follows exposure of security failings in iOS's browser and way OS opens PDFs.

Apple has worked up a fix to solve the security hole created in iOS by the recent release of JailbreakMe, which followed the US government’s decision to legalise jalibreaking of mobile devices.

The update, which Apple has not given a release date, aims to stop the growing wave of reports regarding the mobile OS’s niggles, which could allow crafty hackers to attack iPhones, with the way punters open PDFs particularly vulnerable. The hole allows outsiders to gain admin rights to iOS devices.

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The German government has warned users there to only go to trusted websites and not to open PDFs until the fix has been issued.

The issue has again led to calls for Apple to be more proactive in fixing issues with its iOS devices, rather than waiting for them to be exposed in such a public manner.

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Via The Guardian and Cnet