Apple iTV: iPad being primed as remote?

Digg founder offers up tuppence worth on rebooted set-top box

Kevin Rose mouths off about iTV and reckons it'll land next month.

Apple iTV, the new-look version of Cupertino’s “hobby product” Apple TV, is set to land in September according to Digg founder Kevin Rose.

Rose, who’s previously called Apple rumours correctly and has sources on the inside, said on his blog, “From what I hear we should expect to see the iTV launch in September.”

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Rose also spoke about what he thinks iTV will pack in. The Digg man reckons there’ll be iAd-supported subscriptions to shows, as well as App Store access and, intriguingly, remote control skills coming via the iPad.

The latter doesn’t sound too far fetched with the iPhone able to double up as a remote control for iTunes already. Hooking up iOS gadgets with iTV would certainly make sense.

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Via MacRumors