Apple iTunes Ping hijacked by 'free iPhone' spammers

It didn't take too long for the dodgy links to show up

Lack of Apple filters leaving door open for scammers

Users of the brand new iTunes Ping service have been warned to be on the look-out for malicous links after spammers got in on the act early.

The social network for music discover, which was only launched on Thursday during Steve Jobs keynote, is already overrun by spammers promising a free iPhone 4 for those who fill in a survey.

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IT security company Sophos have pointed out that iTunes differs from other social networks because a credit card is tied to the account and has warned Ping users about the dangers of following spam links, promising huge rewards.

Graham Cluely of Sophos exlains: "We're used to survey scams like this being spread far and wide via sites like Facebook, but clearly the lack of filtering on Ping is making it a brand new playground for the bad guys to operate in.

"It's ironic that the most common scams on Ping right now revolve around Apple's own iPhone."

Link: Sophos