Apple iTunes Match UK launch delayed until 2012?

Delays in US version could mirror UK launch

The UK and Europe could be waiting that little bit longer for iTunes Match after rumours suggest that legal issues are what's causing the delay

Apple's iTunes Match is out today in the US with customers being able to upload their music libraries to the cloud and then stream it whenever they want on any approved iDevice, however if the delays suffered by the US are anything to go by we could well be waiting until 2012 before we get iTunes Match in the UK.

The service costs around £15 a year however with no official price confirmed this could change. By uploading your music onto the iTunes cloud it then matches which songs you have with their own library, saving space in the cloud and then also upping the bit rate if they have a better quality version. Once uploaded you can stream any of the music from your library onto the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

According to CNET the delays suffered by the US (which have finally got the service later than expected) could well be mirrored in the UK with signing deals with the record companies reported to be the main issue. This same problem is facing the Netflix UK launch however they've had more luck with the recent singing of Lionsgate to the foray.

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Source: CNET