Apple iTunes Match subscription service released in the UK

New iTunes subscription service released in the UK following brief premature arrival

Attempting to retain its loyal iTunes following Apple has launched iTunes Match in the UK with the subscription based service handed a £21.99 annual fee

Following a brief premature arrival and much confusion Apple’s iTunes Match subscription service has officially hit the UK bringing revised audio to user’s systems.

Having made a short appearance across UK, French and Australian markets on Wednesday before quickly being pulled, iTunes Match is back seemingly for good with the subscription based service handed a sub-£25 annual fee.

Apple iTunes Match Features

Tasked with ensuring users remain loyal to Apple’s iTunes ecosystem instead of jumping ship to similar offerings from rivals Google and Amazon, iTunes Match scans users hard drives for music, replacing old MP3s with new, high-quality 256kbps iTunes tracks.

All these crisp new tunes can then be streamed across any of the user’s iOS powered devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Apple TV and iTunes enabled Macs.

Apple iTunes Match Price

Those avid music fans looking to make use of Apple’s newly launched iTunes Match service will have to part with a reasonable amount of cash with a one year iTunes Match subscription price set at £21.99.

What do you make of Apple’s new subscription based music service? Will you be splashing out £21.99 a year to sign up? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar