Apple iPod Touch 4th gen starts shipping already

Customers could get new Touch sooner than thought

It appears as though Cupertino has gone into overdrive with the launch of its new iPods, so if you've ordered one expect to see it very soon.

Reports have confirmed that Apple's new iPod Touch has in fact already started shipping, despite only just being announced last Wednesday.

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Apple-based tech website 9 to 5 mac has reportedly been informed that the devices have already started heading out, with US customers likely to get their first batch on the 10 September whilst us Brits can expect to see them anytime after 15 September.

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The new iPod Touch which features the same retina-display from the iPhone 4 has already been met with hugely positive reviews, thanks to its super fast G4 processor and front and rear-facing cameras which allow for 720p video recording and the use of FaceTime over a WiFi network.

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Link: 9to5mac