Apple iPhone 5 to feature NFC technology for data transfer?

Next gen iPhone to adopt wireless data technology

iPhone 5 rumour mill produces another gem

With the white Apple iPhone 4 now all but sentenced to the realms of Neverland, focus has switched to the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 with latest rumours suggesting the expected handset will feature NFC technologies.

Near Field Communication has long been something Apple has been believed to be working on for its handsets with recent reports suggesting the short range wireless technology that allows multiple devices to communicate and transfer data between themselves.

Believed to be finding a home in the next rendition of Apple’s market leading smartphone, NFC technologies would allow users to transfer and store essential information from their Mac computers on their pocket blowers. When in close proximity to a universally compatible Mac, users would then be able to use the machine as if it were their own device with the iPhone stored data transferred to the setup.

Whilst this will not see the end of laptops, the NFC tech would allow users to store bookmarks, passwords and select documents on their handset like a digitally wireless USB drive.

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Via: My Gadget News