Apple iPhone 5 to add solar-powered green credentials?

New patent hints towards solar-powered iPhone

Solar tech to boost iPhone battery

Keen to build on its green credentials Apple has filed a patent for a new form of solar-powered charging system that it hopes will be adopted by iPhones, iPads and MacBooks in the near future.

Although a number of solar-influenced battery-enhancing handsets are already doing the rounds, Apple’s ability to lead trends could see a fleet of solar-powered devices released if the upcoming iPhone 5 or future Apple handset were to be released with the company’s newly patented charging system.

The patent, which details ways of recharging the rechargeable batteries found in portable phones, laptops and tablets, features a new power control circuit situated between the sun sapping solar cell and the device’s battery that ensures a steady release of the absorbed power.

With the battery on Apple’s market leading iPhone devices constantly under criticism, many users would no doubt value the inclusion of a mother-nature inspired power boost. The patent, which Apple has yet to comment on, comes after it was revealed the upcoming redesign of the company’s Cupertino-based headquaters would be carbon neutral through the sole use of environmentally friendly, renewable and recycled materials.

Via: TechRadar