Apple iPhone 5 smaller dock appears with image

Leaked image shows the iPhone 5's smaller dock?

Should a leaked photo be trusted, it would appear as though Apple are opting for an 8-pin connector instead of their normal 30-pin connector for the iPhone 5

Apple's new smaller iPhone 5 dock has apparently been leaked in an image which shows that instead of the rumoured 19-pin connection the smartphone will actually utilise a mere 8-pin connector.

Although the tech world have been given little to go on regarding the iPhone 5, it’s been given something to talk about thanks to several leaked photos appearing on French tech website,

Although the connectors featured in the photos appear to be 8-pin, iFixit explain that the metal frame (which is used as a grounding device) make it 9-pin.

Although how many pins make up the dock connector isn’t of the utmost importance to the device itself, it is huge news for all those who make accessories etc. to go with the hardware.

While third-party manufacturers have already confirmed that there will be a new size dock for the iPhone they haven't yet confirmed how they will be adapting with suggestions that they will have to replace the entire range of current docks, speakers and charging ports.

Source: Geeky Gadgets