Apple iPhone 5 release date to see white handset launch

White iPhone 4 axed as Apple focuses on white iPhone 5

White iPhone 4 pulled as focus shifts to lighter-hued iPhone 5

Apple’s repeatedly delayed and issue-plagued white iPhone 4 has seemingly been given the boot as rumours start to circulate as a launch ready white iPhone 5.

Originally scheduled to touch down alongside its black counterpart at the official launch of the iPhone 4 back in June, the white handset failed to materialise before an extensive list of reasons for its postponement materialised.

Pegged to everything from the battery discolouring its lighter-hued shell, to off-white home buttons and the bright white shell reflecting the in-built flash in photographs, Apple’s last official world on the white iPhone 4 declared that the handset would not appear until spring 2011.

It now appears, however, that the white iPhone 4 has been postponed indefinitely with the Economic Daily News reporting the Cupertino-based company is now working on the white iPhone 5 to ensure it hits stores at launch along with its classic black brethren.

Reporting that component supplier Wintek has secured the exclusive rights to provide Apple with touch panels for the white iPhone 5, the Economic Daily News’ claims would see a number of hopefully white iPhone 4 owners left sadly disappointed. Apple has yet to comment further on an expected arrival for the white iPhone 4.

Will we see the white iPhone 4 or has it been banished to the realms of embarrassing no starter? Do you really still care about the lighter-toned handset? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Apple iPhone 4 video
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