Apple iPhone 5 release date tipped as September 21st

As iPhone 5 rumours escalate, accessory makers claim a September 21st release has been set

Chinese accessory makers have claimed an iPhone 5 release date will be held on September 21st suggesting official word has come from Apple

As Apple iPhone 5 rumours kick into overdrive, latest reports have seen Chinese accessory manufacturers suggested the Apple has directly confirmed the eagerly awaited iPhone 5 release date will take place on September 21st.

Citing “a source within China’s third largest accessory maker,” French phone blog App4phone, has claimed that Apple has informed the add-on creator that the long awaited iPhone 4S follow-on will be made available to consumers towards the end of September following an official unveiling earlier the same month.

Whilst this, as with all iPhone 5 rumours, should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt, the latest iPhone 5 release date rumours coincide with a number of previous reports that have suggested the mythical device will land this autumn.

More speculatively, the reports have suggested Apple’s iPhone 5 unveiling event will see CEO Tim Cook take to the stage on September 11th to unveil the much anticipated handset alongside a raft of other Apple branded goodies. Given the US’s understandable feelings towards that date, it is unlikely any Apple unveiling will take place on 9/11.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Having been the thing of rumour and speculation for a number of months, the Apple iPhone 5 release date appears to be edging closer with the Cupertino based company widely predicated to be readying the iOS 6 powered device to be in stores and consumers’ hands well ahead of the Christmas period.

Although Apple has managed to keep its cards close to its chest, it is widely expected that the Apple iPhone 5 will launch with an all new brushed metal form factor with the company’s trademark 30-pin connector making way for a new, 19-pin offering.

Elsewhere the standard camera optics upgrade and quad-core processor inclusions are set to be partnered with a new 4-inch display and a relocated 3.5mm audio jack.

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Via: CultofMac