Apple iPhone 5 faces further delays due to shortages?

Two Apple smartphones launching in October?

New Apple iPhone 5 rumour suggests two handsets will be launching later this year, with an updated iPhone 4 handset that'll be dubbed that iPhone 4S and, of course, the much mooted iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 rumours are everywhere these days, as we get ever closer to that rumoured October release date. But now the rumblings on the interweb are suggesting that come October all we'll be treated to is a slightly spruced up iPhone 4, with the iPhone 5 proper delayed until later in the year. You read that right: two iPhone handsets by the end of the year.

This latest iPhone 5 rumour comes courtesy of the bods at 9to5mac, who claim that while the updated iPhone 4 (the iPhone 4S, perhaps?) is already rolling off production lines in its millions, the true next-generation iPhone (being developed in tandem with the 4S) is suffering from production shortages. Their sources claim that the iPhone 5 (with its enlarged screen, 8MP camera and rounded shell) will get its own launch at a later date, but that shortages may run into 2012.

We've been wading through speculation on the iPhone 5 for the past couple of months, with various iPhone 5 case makers dropping the ball and giving us an (alleged) glimpse of what the Apple iPhone 5 might look like, Orange CEO Stephan Richard letting slip an October 15th iPhone 5 release date, and an accidental Vodafone website listing seemingly confirming black and white iPhone 5 handsets at launch. But two iPhones launching at the same time? We'll have to wait to October to find out.

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