Apple iPhone 4S goes festive as Santa uses Siri

Christmas Apple ad sees Santa adopt an iPhone 4S for Siri business tools

Santa has found a new little helper in the form of a shiny new Apple iPhone 4S with Siri becoming the big man's business tool of use for Christmas

Apple has got into the Christmas spirit with the Cupertino based company’s latest advert moving away from its traditional formality to show Santa utilising the voice commanded personal assistant Siri whilst about his festive duties.

Giving a festive makeover to the business tool come quirky answer finder the latest Siri emphasising iPhone 4S ad shows off the service’s abilities to find weather reports, offering directions and dictate incoming messages.

Siri Issues

Launching exclusive to the Apple iPhone 4S Siri, which is still in Beta form, has been struck by a number of issues since launch hampering its uptake and widespread continued adoption.

Whilst Siri was found to offer unsecured backdoor access to private data, files and contact information the voice prompted service has also been critisised for its lack of ability to understand a number of accents rendering it useless to many users.

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Via: GeekyGadgets