Apple iPhone 4 tops UK's most popular handset charts

Apple tops charts as HTC and Samsung dominate

Android dominates as Apple tops UK handset charts with the iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4 has claimed the top spot as the UK’s favourite mobile handset as HTC’s Desire series and Samsung’s Galaxy S range dominate the top five.

Having fallen out of favour with the UK’s smartphone buyer in recent months, Apple’s flagship iPhone 4 device has taken the crown as the UK’s most popular handset for April as Google’s Android operating system continues to increase its platform share, new figures from comparison site Switch have revealed.

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Rising two places to take the top spot, Apple’s latest smartphone release has overtaken HTC’s leading releases with the HTC Desire HD taking second place ahead of the HTC Desire in third. Rounding out the top five and maintaining the dominance of a small number of brands is the Samsung Galaxy S II in forth and its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S in fifth. A third Desire model, the HTC Desire S took eight spot.

The iPhone’s rise to top spot of the UK sales charts comes just days after Apple officially revealed its second quarter earnings announcing profits from its market leading smartphone have risen 95 per cent over the past three months with more than 18 million of the highly desirable devices sold.

Despite being delayed by more than 10 months, Apple’s white rendition of the iPhone 4 has been confirmed as heading for its official release tomorrow, April 27th despite the next generation iPhone 5 expected to touch down in June.

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