Apple iPhone 4 specs revealed

The full Apple iPhone 4 specs revealed. See what's hiding inside...

Apple unleashes the iPhone 4 - the 'slimmest smartphone on the planet'. You've heard all the rumours, soaked up all the leaks and now we can tell you what's really under the bonnet of the Apple iPhone 4.

It's finally out of the bag but is the latest iPhone the king of the jungle? Check out the iPhone 4 specs below and be sure to let us know if you're over the moon or underwhelmed at Apple's latest in a long line of showbiz launches.

Update: iPhone 4 launched
The queues have died down, and the iPhone 4 is now out in the wild. Here's our full iPhone 4 review with video, and if that wasn't enough, check out these stunning iPhone 4 pictures of all the new design details. Finally, not all has gone smoothly with the iPhone 4 signal reception, as we've covered in our videos, and the rubber-based solution here.

Build and design
The iPhone has a sleek new look with stainless steel for strength, glass for scratch resistance and it's been on a pretty tidy bikini diet. The super skinny younger sibling is now 9.3mm thick, 24 per cent slimmer than the iPhone 3G S and Apple claim it's the "slimmest smartphone on the planet".

It comes in white and black.

Under the hood the iPhone is packing the Apple A4 chip - the same processor that powers the iPad with an improved efficiency that should improve battery life.

Operating system
It'll run off iOS4, the same systems as iPhone 4.0 OS just dropping the iPhone from the name.

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One of the big bug bears has been fixed with Apple adding a front facing camera, plus there's a 5 megapixel camera on the back with an LED flash for the first time, 5 x digital zoom to the handset. There's also tap to focus functionality.

HD video camera
One of the more impressive improvements and something that should have Flip and the HD pocket camcorder market quaking in the point and shoot boots, the iPhone 4 will record HD video at 720p at 30FPS. It'll also boast tap to focus video and perhaps more importantly, built-in editing and one-click sharing. Citizen journalism will be alive and well.

iMovie for iPhone

At $4.99 you can now get a lot of the desktop software functionality on your iPhone including recording straight to timeline.

Up to 32GB

Display: Retina Display and 4x more pixels
The display is 3.5 inches, 960x640 pixels screen resolution - four times more pixels than the iPhone 3GS. With 326 px per inch, 800:1 contrast ratio, it's been lauded as better than OLED.

Battery life: 40 per cent better battery
The battery is bigger and coupled with the Apple A4 processor's efficiency, Apple claims it'll boast 7 hours 3G talktime, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing, 10 hours music, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby.

iPhone 4 special features
Another iPhone whinge potentially stifled with the addition of FaceTime video calling which finally brings video conferencing capability to the iPhone but sadly it's only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 and also only works where there's wifi.

Multi-tasking has also arrived. Another box ticked late, but ticked all the same, by Apple. That'll line up alongside:

Gyro, accelerometer, and GPS tied for 6-axis motion sensing
Dual mic with noise supression
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor


Connectivity is Quad band hspda/hsupa, giving a potential 7.2mbps down, 5.8 up. A 802.11n Wi-Fi chip will provide blistering speeds when in range.



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