Apple iPhone 4 regains ground as UK's top handset

iPhone 4 back in top three having slipped in chart

The iPhone 4 climbs back up the charts after a miserable February

Despite being almost a year old and a little long in the tooth when compared with the recent spate of dual-core smartphones, Apple's iPhone 4 has re-entered the top three of the UK's most popular handsets after slipping in the charts recently.

Having had a disappointing February which saw the iPhone slip 4 places all the way down to 7th, Apple's dominant device has clawed its way back up to a respectable 3rd place behind the HTC Desire in first and its spinoff the HTC Desire HD retaining second.

With HTC keeping the top two spots warm since October, it seems that affordability is weighing heavily on customer's minds. The HTC Desire is available for free from only £15/month and has only slipped from the top spot once in the last year - to its even cheaper sibling, the Wildfire.

The iPhone 4's renewed success has been put down to attractive new offers as retailers attempt to clear stock in preparation for the next generation model, traditionally introduced around June.

However, with recent rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5 may not be revealed until autumn, the situation has become a little more complicated. Whilst the iPhone enjoyed a revival, the big winners in the recent statistics were HTC, which took three of the top four spots, and Android which continues to account for 50% of the charts. Rim continued to struggle, however, as both the Blackberry Torch and Curve 8520 lost slipped down the table.

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