Apple iPhone 3G UK's most recycled phone

Apple takes top three spots in consumer eco drive

And the winner is...

Gold, Silver and Bronze goes to Apple in the awards for the most recycled handsets according to a study by comparison website Sell My Mobile.

The study revealed that not only was the 8GB iPhone 3G the most recycled handset in the UK last month, but rounding out the top 3 were its 16GB 3G sibling and the 16GB iPhone 3Gs.

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A possible cause of this mass Apple recycling, as well as the generous sums being offered by mobile recycling websites, is the users desire to upgrade to the very latest Apple handset, in this case, the recently released iPhone 4.

Despite the widely reported signal issues that plagued the launch of the iPhone 4 upon release at the end of June, issues that still continue to cause problems, the new Apple blower reportedly shifted 1.7 million units in the opening three days on sale.