Apple iPads used by UK nursery to entertain toddlers

Snapdragon Nurseries buy iPads for toddlers

iPads used to keep toddlers entertain and educated at UK nursery

A chain of nurseries in Bath and Wiltshire has become the first in the UK to splash out on Apple’s iPad tablet in order to keep its three and four-year-old toddlers entertained.

Snapdragons Nurseries has confirmed that it has already fitted three of its premises with Apple’s market leading tablet with plans to equip all six of its locations with the coveted gadget in the near future.

“We have introduced the iPads because they are so child-friendly and easy to use,” announced James Collard, Manager of the Weston Snapdragon Nursey. “The touch screen technology is ideal for young children’s hands and the small size and portability make them perfect for sharing and using in different areas of the nursery.”

Using the iPads as a learning tool and not just a entertainment device, Collard added: “The apps that we have added have been carefully selected to encourage a broad and balanced range of skills including learning the basics about letters, numbers, shapes and colours as well as drawing and even composing music. The children have also had great fun communicating with each other between rooms and other nurseries in the group using FaceTime video chat.”

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