Apple iPad vs. Amazon Kindle: Books are better

Study shows that good old paper is easier to read

Apple and Amazon square off against the humble paperback with some surprising results.

Bad news for E-Readers: a new study has shown that books are easier to read when they're... well, books, rather than off a screen - be that an LCD as found in PCs and tablets or the much-touted e-ink as used most prominently by Amazon in its Kindle readers.

The study took a group of regular readers and recorded their speed reading an Ernest Hemingway story on a PC screen, iPad, Kindle and in print. Print won out the trial, with the story being read 5-10% quicker than its digital versions.

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Slightly more embarassing was the Kindle's speed - it tested some 4% slower to read than the iPad when compared with the printed word, although Jakob Nielsen - the web usability consultant who ran the study - said that "the difference between the two devices was not statistically significant because of the data's fairly high variability".

So, the book wins out in the end. All we need now is a bag that holds 1500 of them at once, and Amazon and Apple will be running scared.

Via: TechRadar