Apple iPad to get pressure sensitive applications?

Potential platform changer outed for iPad

Look but don't touch. Actually, touch, touch away

Yet another new era in iPad app development could be just around the corner as Ten One Design demonstrates its new, platform changing pressure-sensitive drawing application for the Apple tablet.

Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking the iPad’s 9.7-inch IPS display is pressure-sensitive having watched the Ten One demonstration video (below), you would be mistaken. The design company has created the pressure-sensitive reaction through a combination of software and a special capacitive stylus.

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Whilst the designers of this revolutionary new adaptation to the iPad’s controls have yet to unveil the specific technical details behind their new invention, best guesses suggest the stylus is topped by an expandable softened tip responsive to pressure levels.

Further aiding the drawing and graphic art potential of the new pressure-sensitive iPad technology, the software created by Ten One Design includes ‘Palm Rejection’ technology allowing works to be unaffected by straying limbs and unwanted contact.

Pending Apple approval, Ten One Design is looking to make its new software readily and freely available to application developers for adoption into a new breed of highly interactive apps. We for one, can't wait.

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