Apple iPad sales to top 8.8 million in opening 2011 quarter

Analysts speculate on expected iPad and iPad 2 sales

A survey of tech analysts reveals high expectations for iPad and iPad 2

Apple's ability to sell its products in droves is hardly in doubt. Ever since the introduction of the iPod in 2001, the Cupertino tech company has displayed a knack for sending their products flying off the shelves at breakneck speed.


Apple iPad 2: UK launch video

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Now a recent survey of top industry analysts indicates that Apple may have sold up to 8.8 million iPads in the opening quarter of 2011. This figure includes both the original iPad and the new iPad 2 which was estimated to have sold up to 1 million units in its opening US launch weekend alone.

Analysts have tentatively pencilled sales figures to be between 5 million units and the top-end 8.8 million estimate with most averaging around 6 million.

Given the original iPad's strong first quarter sales of 7 million, anything less than that may seem disappointing but as Philip Elmer-Dewett noted, the limiting factor is likely to be supply rather than demand as iPad 2s have been selling out all over the US and the UK.

Most UK retailers are already finding themselves unable to fulfil demand although new shipments are expected soon. Comet stands alone as one of the only retailer still able to offer most of the iPad 2 SKUs both in store and online.

Via: CNNMoney