Apple iPad Mini would be Apple's 'biggest flop' suggests report

Consumer survey suggests a 7-inch Apple tablet would be a 'flop' as Nexus 7 gains popularity

Ahead of a heavily rumoured Apple iPad Mini release, a new study has suggested any 7-inch Apple tablet release would be a considerable flop

The heavily rumoured Apple iPad Mini will be the company’s biggest flop to date, a new consumer survey has suggested ahead of the 7-inch tablet’s expected September unveiling.

The study, carried out by, has found that of 1,012 UK tech fans polled, a staggering 42 per cent suggested that any upcoming Apple iPad Mini release would be a mistake by the iPhone and Mac maker with a compact tablet likely to be the company’s biggest flop yet.

Receiving little support from the British public, just 6 per cent of those questioned suggested that an iPad Mini would be a ‘good move by Apple,’ whilst a further 9 per cent said a 7-inch Apple tablet was ‘much-needed.’ With more negative reactions that positive support of the Apple iPad Mini rumours, 21 per cent said such a device is ‘not at all necessary.’

Despite a distinct lack of faith and support in any potential iPad mini release, not all 7-inch tablets came under attack with an impressive 54 per cent of those polled suggesting they are looking to snap up the recently unveiled Android 4.1 Jelly Bean filled Google Nexus 7.

“It comes as no surprise to me that Apple might already be thinking about a smaller iPad and a cheaper offering for consumers, but this poll suggests it might not be well received at all,” George Charles, Marketing Director at, said.

The beauty of having a large screen on the iPad is the freedom it offers and the ease-of-use it provides. Why change a good thing? If people are more interest in the Nexus 7 or Surface, perhaps Apple should have a rethink and come up with something more original, not just a smaller version of something that’s already out there.”

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