Apple iPad App Store gets Genius functionality

App recommendations comes to the big(ger) screen

Can genius prove more of a success on iPad than iPhone and iTunes?

Apple has issued a quiet update to its iPad App Store by adding the Genius functionality to recommend new apps based on your downloads history.

Genius, which was first seen within iTunes a couple of years back as a means of forming intelligent playlists from similar genres and artists, has been floating around on the iPhone for a little while now.

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The service appeared on the iPad App Store this morning, with a new tab to sit along the chart and update panels. If you're interested in the suggestions, you can download the app. If you're not, it will inform Apple of your decision inform future recommendations.

Genuis initially caused a wave on controversy, when it first sprang up on iTunes, raising concerns about what Apple was doing with the data it was gleaning from your listening habits to "improve its service".

Most people have just found that it doesn't work, so don't bother anyway, but there's been more success with the iPhone incarnation. Let us know what you think of Genius on the iPad and whether the bigger screen makes recommended app browsing a more pleasurable experience.

Link: Apple (via