Apple iPad and iPhone 'connected' on Orange

Orange creates single contract for iPad 2 and iPhone 4

Realising that having two plans; one for tablet, one for phone can be a chore, Orange has the solution.

Orange has announced the first Apple iPad/iPhone 'connected' plan which allows you to have a iPad 2 3G and iPhone 4 all under the same contract.

The 24 month contract costs £65 per month, but for that you get 2GB of data allowance, shareable over both devices, unlimited access to BT Openzone WiFi and 600mins and unlimited texts for your shiny iPhone 4.

While the price is fairly spot on with having two seperate contracts, Orange is hoping its main selling point will be the ease of use in having just one contract. By sharing the data between both products, it's effectively letting you choose how you use your data.

Has this new plan convinced you to go all out with Apple's twosome or is the price too high? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Apple iPad 2 video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

News Source: Orange