Apple iPad 2 unboxing pictures fresh from US launch

Updated: See a video unboxing and Smart Cover demo

Image 1 of 18 lid
Image 2 of 18 USB
the lid is off!
Image 3 of 18 iPad 2
Only the USB cable left in the box
Image 4 of 18 Smart cover
and there's nothing underneath
Image 5 of 18 Smart cover
So let's get this sucker unboxed
Image 6 of 18 HDMI
iPad 2 smart cover. We went for a nice lime green
Image 7 of 18 side box
iPad 2 Smart Cover in action
Image 8 of 18 lift
The desheathed HDMI adapter for iPad
Image 9 of 18 reflect
iPhone and iPod touch
Image 10 of 18 Warranty
The packaging is pretty similar to the first iPad
Image 11 of 18 iPad 2
The carefullest of lifts out of the box
Image 12 of 18 unboxed
The iPad font reflects into the new tablet's screen
Image 13 of 18 Smart cover
The instuctions
Image 14 of 18 Smart cover
warranty and trusty Apple stickers contained within this envelope
Image 15 of 18 iPad 2
iPad 2 box contents in all its glory
Image 16 of 18 Smart cover
iPad 2 box contents completely unboxed
Image 17 of 18 HDMI
iPad 2 Smart Cover from behind
Image 18 of 18 wrapper
iPad 2 Smart Cover out of its cover

Unboxing the Apple iPad 2. Get close up with Apple's new tablet.

After rushing out to buy an iPad 2 on US launch yesterday, we couldn't wait to bust open the box and sample the Apple flavoured delights on offer between that gorgeous packaging.

- Launch the iPad 2 unboxing picture gallery now

After a five-hour wait, the excitement was palpable and we grabbed our trusty DSLR camera and cracked open the box that won't be arriving on UK soil until March 25th.

So check out our unboxing gallery, also featuring the new Apple Smart Cover (we opted for the lime green plastic cover) and the new HDMI adapter, which will allow iDevice users to hook up to their HD TV.

iPad 2 video

Once you've seen the iPad 2 pictures, have a gander at our two iPad 2 videos. We've got the newly-posted 10 Things you need to do first and the in-depth iPad 2 video hands-on from launch day, featuring reaction from a host of tech experts.

Hopefully, this will help you keep your eye off the clock until March 25th.

Apple iPad 2 video

Source: T3 Tech Videos