Apple iPad 2 to come with stylus support?

Uncovered patent suggests handwriting a possibility

Handwritten notes and digital painting coming to iPad 2 if patent is to be believed.

According to another unearthed patent uncovered by PatentlyApple, Apple's iPad 2 could come with stylus support for handwritten messages, gaming and digital painting.

The stylus itself isn't just a crude plastic wand, either. Apple's design for its digital scribbler includes a conductive head, to allow it to write on the iPad's capacitive touchscreen, which usually requires human touch to operate.

Sylus support would push the iPad into the graphic tablet territory held down until now by producers like Wacom and its Bamboo tablets. Is no industry safe from the iPad's onslaught? If rumours about the iPad 2's official announcement coming next week are to be believed, we'll find out soon enough.

Via: PatentlyApple