Apple iPad 2 price slashed following new iPad / Apple iPad 3 launch

Following the new iPad 3 release announcement, Apple has revealed it is to cut the iPad 2 price

For those not too impressed by the new Apple iPad 3 release, Apple has confirmed it is to cut the price of the market dominating iPad 2 tablet

With the new Apple iPad 3 now a thing of reality following its official unveiling courtesy of company CEO Tim Cook, Apple has confirmed it is to slash the iPad 2 price.

Now the aging veteran of the Apple iPad line up, the market dominating iPad 2 has come down in price with the year-old second-gen device to be made available to wannabe owners in the UK for just £329.

Continuing to support the 16GB Wi-Fi base model iPad 2 as a cheaper alternative to the new quad-core, Retina display touting third-gen tablet, Apple will offer the new iPad’s predecessor on a cut-price bases in an attempt to draw consumers in to the company’s closely guarded iOS content platforms.

Apple iPad 2 Specs

Unlike its replacement the iPad 2 does not play host to a Retina display or quad-core CPU with the 9.7-inch device boasting a 1GHz A5 dual-core processor as well as landing as the first Apple tablet to sport both forward-facing and rear-mounted snappers.

Touting a 10 hour battery life, the iPad 2 features a 1024x768 LED-backlit display whilst lining up at just 601g in weight and a mere 8.8mm thick.

Will you be tempting into splashing out on a cut-price Apple iPad 2 or are you planning on treating yourself and plumping for the all new iPad? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.