Apple iPad 2 carbon fiber design revealed

Patent points to carbon fiber unibody for next Apple tablet

Will the Apple iPad 2 have a carbon fiber shell along with HDR photos and FaceTime?

Apple is working hard to re-invent the Apple iPad from the looks of the patent we've recently heard about.

This Apple patent will have the iPad's singular shell to be made out of carbon fiber. This move could lead to a possible advantage for the Apple iPad 2 users.

What the carbon fiber shell will do is reduce the weight of the tablet, as well as enable it with better wireless reception.

Currently, instead of carbon fiber, aluminum is what users hold in their hands, which adds weight to the iPad.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, the patent says the shell will be constructed from layered fiber-in-matrix type material. This would mean the case is lighter, stronger and would allow for improved WiFi and mobile broadband reception.

Apple iPad 2 enthusiasts should be warned though, the patent doesn't mean that the second version will have a sleek carbon fiber shell; it just means Apple can protect this design if a rival with similar designs goes into the tablet market.

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Via: UberGizmo