Apple iPad 2 accessories officially unveiled with iPad 2

iPad 2 Smart Case and HDMI connector unveiled

First iPad 2 accessories land alongside new tablet

Apple has unveiled the first accessories for the upcoming iPad 2 as the second-generation Apple tablet enters the realms of reality with a host of new features.

Announced alongside the new camera touting iPad 2, Apple revealed two key new accessories with a HDMI video out connector to be joined by the company’s heavily pushed iPad 2 Smart Cover casing.

Like the USB connector made available alongside the original iPad, Apple’s news HDMI output lead will slot neatly into the device’s docking port and come in the company’s classic white hue. As you would expect the connector allows for 1080p video content to be transferred from the device with all apps fully transferable and rotation supported, no setup required and tablet charging whilst in use as standard.

With a $39 price tag, UK pricing still waiting, the connector is by no means cheap but will undoubtedly add to the device’s high-end video credentials, set to be further boosted by the new front and rear mounted video capable cameras.

Available in polyurethane and leather forms, the Smart Cover repeatedly touted by Apple during the iPad 2 is a nifty design allowing for screen protection, an aesthetically pleasing splash of colour and a tablet stand all-in-one.

Featuring a number of magnets positioned down the case’s split-section edges, the Smart Case grips to the new iPad 2’s slim body, auto-aligning to the perfect fit and automatically putting the device into sleep mode when closed and waking it when opened. The poly cases, available in pink, orange, green blue, grey, beige and brown are priced $39 apiece with the beige, brown, black, dark blue and Product Red leather options set to cost $69 each.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on the non-Apple-branded iPad 2 accessories that aresure to emerge in the coming days and share your thoughts of the new Smart Case and iPad 2 via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.